Before and after Hysterectomy

 Before having hysterectomies ask your HCP about possible risks and consequences of the procedure. Many women observe changes in their body, organism and general feeling. You must discuss the decision of going through hysterectomy with the doctor, close friends, family, nurse, etc. Tell your physician about all the medications you are taking at the moment. These can be herbs, different supplements and all other medicines that you bought without prescription. Before several days of surgery you may be suggested to stop taking ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), aspirin, warfarin (Coumadin), clopidogrel (Plavix). Ask doctor what drugs you may still take during hysterectomy. It is also recommended to stop smoking before the operation.


         One shouldn’t eat 8 hours before hysterectomy. After hysterectomy you are likely to feel sleepy and dizzy. A catheter may be still placed in your bladder and it will be taken away within a couple of days. Also, one may experience bleeding in the vagina and will have to wear a sanitary pad. It is not advised to use tampons. This vaginal bleeding should change to creamy texture within further 2-3 weeks. If you feel some unpleasant smell or uncomfortable feeling it is better to contact the physician at once. Painkillers are usually prescribed to avoid some pain and discomfort. During first few days you will probably have Patient Controlled Analgesia pump (PCA). It is a syringe pump that contains a powerful painkiller which can be controlled by you. If you feel some pain you simply press the button and PCA supplies a required amount of painkiller into the vein. This apparatus controls the amount of the drug so you will not receive it in excessive amount. If you don’t have PCA, you’ll be given strong painkiller injections. After this you’ll be advised to take some tablets or suppositories to control pain. Side effects of painkillers include nausea and sickness. During first few days your tummy can swell and you may feel tired and weak.

          After hysterectomy body needs almost 8 weeks to recover and build new cells. Usually, many women feel some emotional collapse after the operation. Some feel sad because will never become pregnant again. Also, such factors as preparation to the operation, severity of the cured condition, time of the procedure ˗ all this influences on your emotional state. As for sex, after hysterectomy women no longer feel discomfort and should not worry about getting pregnant. But it is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse during first 6 weeks after the operation. It is very important to do some physical activities or simply walk a lot, but remember to increase the load gradually. As for normal food, you may return to it when no longer feel vomiting or nausea.

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