Hysterectomy is the uterus removal during a surgical operation. Sometimes, it can be called the ablation of the uterus (empty muscular organ that nutrifies the fetus during pregnancy period). Hysterectomy is conducted to lessen pain from different illnesses. During this procedure all or part of the uterus can be removed. Many conditions require this operation. “Hyster” in Greek means uterus, “ectomy” ˗ removal. A woman can face with different non-cancerous conditions which can somehow affect the reproductive system. Usually, the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and vagina are affected. Hysterectomy is a solution in such cases.











           After this operation you will no longer have menstruations and won't be able to conceive. In some cases a doctor may decide to take away the ovaries together with fallopian tubes. It is often called hysterectomy and salpingo-oophorectomy. “Salpinx” – is a fallopian tube in Greek, “oopho” means ovary and “ectomy” ˗ removal. According to the statistics hysterectomy has been conducted in almost 1.5 million operations. But, firstly, you may be recommended some alternative treatments, such as drugs or some other surgery. Kind of treatment will depend on the nature of the condition and your personal choice. Also, it is good to stop smoking before the procedure ˗ this will eliminate risks of getting complications and make the recovery period shorter. It is also recommended not to drive up to 6 weeks. If you take some medicines you should discuss it with your doctor. If you are taking contraceptive pills, it is better to stop taking them 4 weeks before the operation. Also, a doctor may advise taking iron supplements if you are anemic. The consequences of hysterectomy are the following:

• You won’t be able to get pregnant further

• You won’t have to use contraceptives in the future

• You won’t experience menstruations anymore

          As for the benefits of hysterectomy, almost 90% of patients who went through this operation were satisfied with its results. Of course, a successful outcome will depend on the complications and severity of your condition.


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