When to do Hysterectomy?

• Pelvic support problems (E.g. uterine prolapse) ˗ malignant cancer can touch ovaries as well as the uterus lining. Pelvic relaxation may occur when the ligaments holding the uterus become very weak. Because of this uterus can slide into vagina – a condition, known as uterine prolapse. It can lead to bowel and urinary problems. In this case a vaginal pessary is used, which is placed into vagina to hold the womb.

• Endometriosis – is a condition when the inner uterus lining becomes abnormal in the abdomen. It may provoke scarring of the tissue and pain while having intercourse. Abnormal bleeding is concomitant in such a case.

• Uterus infections – infections of the fallopian tubes can affect the pelvic cavity and lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). These infections can be transmitted sexually and may cause very severe pain.

• Adenomyosis – is a medical condition, when the inner lining of the uterus or endometrium grows into the middle uterus muscular layer. This leads to abnormal bleeding and cramping.

• Uterine fibroids (growths around or inside the uterus) – these muscular, non-cancerous tumors can cause too much bleeding. They appear on the uterus walls. Usually, after menopause these fibroids become smaller. The growths can become very big and cause pain, cramping and suppression of the tissue that surrounds the uterus. Uterine artery embolization, which acts as an obstacle to blood supply into these fibroids, is conducted to remove abnormal growths.













          The shortage of blood makes tumors shrink gradually, which correspondingly reduces bleeding and pain. Also, a doctor may recommend conducting myomectomy ˗ a procedure when fibroids are taken away without hurting the uterus. But there is a great risk that these abnormal growths will reappear in the future.

• Endometrial and cervical cancers are usually treated with the help of hysterectomy. If there is a cancer, a doctor may also recommend removing the uterus, surrounding nodes and tissue. After having hysterectomy you will never become pregnant again. So, if you would like to conceive, it is very important to talk with the gynecologist concerning this issue. The operation doesn’t influence on sexual life ˗ the pleasant feeling is felt as before, but sexually transmitted illnesses are not excluded, so it is very important to have safe sex, even after hysterectomy.



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