Da Vinci Surgery

          When you are recommended to try hysterectomy ask about this new modern kind of surgical operation. It is the enhanced technology with 3D vision and enlarged view. It is the most beneficial kind of surgical operation in the latest time. Doctor works with small incisions instead of large ones. He controls the system which simultaneously translates his movements into very small and precise motions of a very tiny instrument that is put inside your body. This instrument is usually called “robot”. It rotates and bends better than a human hand in 1000 times more. Alone this technology can’t conduct operations, only with the doctor’s help. Da Vinci surgery is used in the whole world. An estimated number of operations conducted in 2012 were 200,000 in the majority of cases for prostate removals and hysterectomies. Almost 2,000 of these robots were sold worldwide. Patients, who are not recommended to do non-robotic minimally invasive surgery, should not have da Vinci surgery. One must discuss the matter thoroughly with his doctor, who should look through all the surgical options to make a final decision. Women, who have continuous bleeding, are pregnant, have blood clotting or too obese are not the candidates for da Vinci Surgery.













          Da Vinci system provides the following benefits in comparison with traditional medicine:

• Fewer complications

• Shorter recovery period

• Less scarring tissue

• Little blood loss

• Better result of surgery in comparison with traditional approaches

• Less pain during and after surgery

• Sometimes narcotic pain medication are of no need

         But risks, even with this minimally invasive type of hysterectomy, are also possible, among them are:

• Injury to urinary tract

• Blocked lung artery

• Separation of the vaginal incision

• Hernia


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